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What is a node?

In cryptocurrencies, a node is a computer that participates in maintaining the decentralized network by verifying transactions and blocks. Nodes act as validators for the blockchain, ensuring that transactions are legitimate and following the rules of the network. Nodes can be categorized into two main types: full nodes and lightweight nodes. A full node is a computer that stores a complete copy of the blockchain, and validates transactions and blocks… Read More »What is a node?

What is a nonce?

In cryptocurrencies, a nonce is a random number that is included in a block’s header during the mining process. The term “nonce” is short for “number only used once.” The purpose of the nonce is to solve a cryptographic puzzle, which is a requirement for adding a new block to the blockchain network. When a miner attempts to add a new block to the blockchain network, they must solve a… Read More »What is a nonce?

What is a hash?

In cryptocurrencies, a hash refers to a unique alphanumeric code that is generated by a cryptographic hash function. The hash function takes an input of any size and generates a fixed-length output, which is a unique and irreversible representation of the input. In the context of cryptocurrencies, hashes are used extensively for two main purposes: Some commonly used cryptographic hash functions in cryptocurrencies include SHA-256 and Scrypt. These functions are… Read More »What is a hash?