Crypto trading involves a lot more than selling and buying assets and securities. There are several crypto trading orders used in each technique of trading. Each order is created to fulfill a particular task on the market. Let us look at some of the orders you can employ in day trading and how you can use them.

Market order

Market order is one of the easiest orders to raise. It can be divided into two – market orders for buying and market orders for selling. This order provides you with information about the market price. For instance, if you create a market order to purchase a particular asset or derivative. You will be able to see a list of all the sellers on the market plus the price of their securities. If you raise an order to sell, you will gain access to a list of available buyers together with their bid prices. Day traders use market orders to enter or exit trades faster, especially when the prices are changing drastically.

The disadvantage of market orders, though, is that you can never tell the exact opening or closing price of a transaction. The prices always depend on the volume of the coin you decide to trade in.

Buy stop order

Buy stop order is placed by day traders seeking to purchase coins at a price that is higher than the current price. The order is filled when the price goes above the indicated stop price. The order is mostly used to restrict losses incurred on a short trade position when the market prices start moving in an unfavorable direction.

Sell stop order

Sell stop order is utilized when the price drops below the current coin price. When you raise this order, it can only be filled when the stop price is higher or the same as the current coin price. Day traders use this kind of order to exit long trades that have assumed a losing direction.

Buy limit order

Buy limit order is placed when the day trader wishes to purchase at a cost that is lower than the current coin price. This allows you to control the amount of cash you pay for a particular purchase position. When you create a buy limit order, you can only buy the coin at the current price or lower, not higher. One disadvantage of this kind of order is that you are never sure if it will be filled. If the amount of coin keeps going higher than the current price, then you will not succeed in purchasing any coin.

Sell limit order

The sell limit order is the opposite of the buy limit order. When you raise this order, you are indicating a willingness to sell a security or asset at a price that is higher than the current coin price. Like the buy limit order, you can only fill this order if the price rises above the current price. The aim of using this order is to make you generate profit from any long trades that you engage in.

Buy-stop limit order

Buy stop limit order works the same way as the buy stop order, only that it works differently from the market order. This order gets completed when the price of the coin reaches the buy-stop limit amount or less. It prevents you from paying more than the anticipated amount for each trade thus reducing the number of losses you may incur.

Sell stop limit order

Sell-stop limit order also plays the same role as the sell-stop order but does not mimic the market order. When you place this kind of order, it only gets filled when the coin price attains an amount that is equal to or more than the stop limit price. Setting the wrong order for your day trading activities can cause you to end up with problems. The more you practice how to use the orders, the more you will understand how and when to apply them.

Use signals to place crypto trading orders

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