With the cryptocurrency market rapidly expanding and evolving, it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest trends and statistics shaping this dynamic industry. As of 2021, nearly 300 million people worldwide were estimated to own some form of cryptocurrency, highlighting the widespread adoption of digital assets (crypto.com). Moreover, with a global market capitalization surpassing $1 trillion in August 2023, cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum as viable investment options (CoinMarketCap). Bitcoin remains the dominant player in the market, comprising nearly 50% of the total crypto market value as of February 2024 (Coingecko). Projections suggest significant growth ahead, with the global crypto market expected to increase by 12.5% annually by 2030 (Grand View Research). Closer to home, studies reveal a growing interest in cryptocurrency among Australian investors, with 29% expressing intent to invest in digital assets within the next year (ASX). Understanding these statistics and trends is essential for navigating the complex landscape of cryptocurrency investment and adoption.

Here are the top cryptocurrency statistics:

  • By the end of 2021, nearly 300 million people worldwide owned some form of cryptocurrency, according to crypto.com.
  • Crypto’s global market capitalization reached an estimated $US1.09 trillion as of August 2023, as reported by CoinMarketCap.
  • As of February 2, 2024, Bitcoin represents 48.6% of the total value of the cryptocurrency market, according to Coingecko.
  • By 2030, the global cryptocurrency market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5%, as forecasted by Grand View Research.
  • In 2022, approximately 25.6% of Australians owned cryptocurrency, based on statistics from Statista.
  • Bitcoin is the predominant cryptocurrency owned by Australians, according to Statista.
  • A study by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2023 found that 29% of Australian investors intend to purchase cryptocurrency within the next 12 months.
  • The same study revealed that in 2023, 15% of Australian investors currently held cryptocurrency, with the figure rising to 31% among investors aged 18-24.
  • Additionally, the median amount invested in cryptocurrency by Australians was $5,100.
  • Findings from a UK survey conducted by Forbes Advisor indicate that individuals aged 18-34 are twice as likely to own cryptocurrency compared to those aged 35-54.

Here are some key insights into the cryptocurrency market:

  • Trading volume in the entire cryptocurrency market peaked at $US3 trillion on Nov 8, 2021, as reported by Statista.
  • According to a survey conducted in the UK by Forbes Advisor, Bitcoin emerges as the most well-known cryptocurrency, with 90% of respondents indicating awareness.
  • Other cryptocurrencies that enjoy significant recognition among respondents include:
    • Ethereum, with a 50% awareness rate.
    • Dogecoin is recognized by 45% of respondents.
    • Binance Coin is known by 36% of participants.
    • USD Coin, acknowledged by 27% of respondents.
    • Tether, with 26% awareness among participants.
    • Solana was recognized by 21% of respondents.
    • Cardano, with an awareness rate of 18%.
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Insights from a Forbes Advisor survey conducted in the UK shed light on the perceived legitimacy of cryptocurrency as an investment:

  • Nearly 67% of respondents either strongly or somewhat agree that cryptocurrency is a legitimate form of investment, indicating a significant level of acceptance and confidence in its investment potential.
  • Approximately 17% of survey participants neither agree nor disagree with the statement, suggesting a level of uncertainty or neutrality regarding the legitimacy of cryptocurrency as an investment avenue.
  • Conversely, almost 17% of respondents express disagreement with the notion that cryptocurrency is a legitimate investment, indicating skepticism or reservations about its viability as a credible investment option.

Do you believe cryptocurrency is a legitimate investment?

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Perceived legitimacy of cryptocurrency as an investment

Insights from various sources provide a multifaceted view of why individuals choose to invest in cryptocurrency and their level of trust in this emerging asset class:

Reasons for Investing in Cryptocurrency:

  • Accessibility and Convenience: Around 42% of respondents find investing in cryptocurrency easier through user-friendly apps, highlighting the convenience factor associated with digital investing platforms.
  • Simplicity and Understanding: Approximately 34% of investors consider cryptocurrency easier to comprehend compared to traditional investment avenues, reflecting a perception of simplicity and transparency in the crypto market.
  • Belief in Mission: About 30% of investors are drawn to cryptocurrency due to their belief in the underlying message and mission statement behind various digital assets, indicating an alignment with the values espoused by certain cryptocurrencies.
  • Financial Accessibility: Nearly 27% of investors value the ease of accessing funds invested in cryptocurrency, suggesting a perceived advantage in liquidity and flexibility offered by digital assets.
  • Social Influence and Performance: Influence from peers or family members drives investment decisions for 26% of respondents, highlighting the impact of social networks on investment behavior.
  • Trust and Performance: Trust in cryptocurrency surpasses that of traditional investments for 24% of investors, reflecting a growing confidence in the potential of digital assets to outperform conventional options.
  • Financial Gains: Approximately 21% of investors cite higher returns from cryptocurrency investments compared to traditional assets, underscoring the allure of potential profits in the volatile crypto market.
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Additionally, in Australia, the motivations for entering the crypto market include:

  • Recommendations from Trusted Sources: Over half of respondents (55%) were influenced to invest in cryptocurrency based on recommendations from friends or family, indicating the significance of personal networks in shaping investment decisions.
  • Influencer Endorsements: Around 23% of individuals were introduced to cryptocurrency through influencer endorsements on social media platforms, highlighting the impact of online influencers in driving adoption.
  • Professional Advice: Approximately 20% of investors were advised to invest in cryptocurrency by finance professionals, suggesting a growing acceptance of digital assets within traditional financial circles.
  • Media Exposure: Exposure through various media channels, including film, television, and news, played a role in attracting 15% of respondents to cryptocurrency investments, indicating the influence of mainstream media on public perception.
  • Comparison and Research: Ten percent of respondents turned to comparison websites to gather information about cryptocurrency, emphasizing the importance of research and comparison in decision-making processes.
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The decision to avoid cryptocurrency investments stems from a variety of factors, as highlighted by insights from the UK Forbes Advisor survey

Reasons for Avoiding Cryptocurrency:

  • Lack of Trust: A significant portion, accounting for 58% of respondents, cite mistrust as the primary reason for steering clear of cryptocurrency investments, reflecting concerns about the reliability and security of digital assets.
  • Technological Complexity: Approximately 34% of individuals express hesitation due to a lack of understanding of the underlying blockchain technology, indicating a barrier to entry posed by the technical intricacies of cryptocurrencies.
  • Perceived Poor Performance: About 21% of respondents view cryptocurrency as an underperforming investment option, suggesting skepticism regarding its long-term viability and potential for generating returns.
  • Environmental Concerns: Environmental considerations deter 14% of individuals from investing in cryptocurrency, reflecting growing awareness of the energy-intensive nature of crypto mining and its impact on the environment.
  • Uncertainty and Lack of Guidance: Twelve percent of potential investors express uncertainty about where to begin their cryptocurrency journey, highlighting the need for accessible education and guidance in navigating the crypto market.
  • Financial Constraints: Nine percent of respondents refrain from investing due to limited disposable income, underscoring the role of financial resources in shaping investment decisions.
  • Negative Peer Experiences: Negative experiences witnessed among friends or family members influence the investment decisions of 9% of respondents, indicating the impact of social networks on perception.

Insights from Luno’s survey in Australia further shed light on the level of understanding and investment trends in the country:

  • Low Understanding: Luno’s survey reveals that a staggering 71% of Australians possess less than a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies, highlighting a widespread knowledge gap.
  • Investment Demographics: The ASX study on Australian investors in 2023 unveils various demographic insights regarding cryptocurrency investments, including its prevalence in female investor portfolios (11%), next-generation investors aged 18-24 (31%), and self-managed super fund (SMSF) portfolios (12%).
  • Overall Portfolio Allocation: On average, cryptocurrency constitutes 15% of Australian investor portfolios across all demographics, reflecting its growing significance as an investment asset.
  • Investment Performance: According to the Forbes Advisor’s survey, a majority of investors (57%) report making profits from cryptocurrency investments in the past year, while others have experienced mixed outcomes, with 16% neither gaining nor losing money, 14% recording losses, and only 7% realizing significant gains.

Has crypto investment been profitable?

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The recent cryptocurrency crashes have prompted varying responses among investors, as indicated by insights from the UK Forbes Advisor survey

Impact of Cryptocurrency Crashes:

  • Negative Perception: A majority of respondents in the UK, comprising 58%, acknowledge that the recent cryptocurrency crashes have contributed to a more negative perception of digital assets, reflecting concerns about volatility and market instability.
  • Neutral Stance: Approximately 28% of respondents neither agree nor disagree with the notion that cryptocurrency crashes have cast a shadow over the asset class, suggesting a stance of uncertainty or indecision.
  • Positive Perception: Conversely, 13% of respondents express disagreement with the idea that cryptocurrency crashes have tarnished the image of digital currencies, indicating a resilient outlook or continued confidence in the market’s potential.

Despite the prevailing sentiment among UK respondents, insights from the ASX 2023 investor study highlight a contrasting trend among Australian investors:

Continued Interest: Despite concerns raised by cryptocurrency crashes, a significant proportion of Australian investors, constituting 31%, express intentions to purchase cryptocurrency in the coming year, as revealed by the ASX study.

It’s important to note the disclaimer accompanying this information, emphasizing the risks associated with cryptocurrency investments:

Risk Disclosure: This article serves as a reminder that the decision to invest in cryptocurrency or engage in CFD trading carries inherent risks. Cryptocurrency remains unregulated in Australia, and investors should be aware of the potential for capital loss. Trading CFDs entails even greater risk compared to traditional share trading, necessitating careful consideration of one’s financial circumstances and seeking advice from authorized financial advisors before proceeding with such investments.



Is crypto expected to rise in 2024?

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility, making it challenging to predict their trajectory. However, recent trends suggest growth, with Bitcoin’s value surging from $16,000 to over $30,000 by August last year. Factors such as the SEC’s approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and the halving event have positively impacted Bitcoin’s price, which reached $42,000 as of February 7, 2024. Despite these indicators, industry experts advise caution and recommend conducting thorough research before making investment decisions.

How much will the crypto market be worth in 2024?

Predicting the exact value of the entire cryptocurrency market in 2024 is complex, influenced by factors like market demand, regulations, technology, and global economics. As of February 2024, the market cap for all cryptocurrencies stands at an estimated $1.65 trillion according to CoinMarketCap. While some analysts anticipate continued growth, it’s essential to approach investments with care and due diligence.

Which crypto will grow fastest in 2024?

Forecasting the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in 2024 is challenging due to market volatility and various influencing factors. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have historically demonstrated significant growth, numerous other projects show promise. Technological advancements, partnerships, regulatory changes, and market sentiment can all impact a cryptocurrency’s growth. Diversification across multiple cryptocurrencies is advisable to mitigate risk.

What crypto will be worth the most in 2024?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are prominent cryptocurrencies with substantial market capitalization and historical value appreciation. Bitcoin is often likened to digital gold, while Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities drive innovation. However, cryptocurrency values are subject to fluctuation based on demand, supply dynamics, technological advancements, and regulatory shifts.

How much is Bitcoin in Australian dollars?

As of April 17, 2024, one Bitcoin is valued at $61.500 equivalent to approximately 95,531 Australian dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.

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