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What is a limit order?

A limit order is a type of order in which a trader specifies the maximum or minimum price at which they are willing to buy or sell an asset. In the context of crypto trading, a limit order allows a trader to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specific price or better. For example, if the current market price of Bitcoin is $50,000 and a trader places a sell… Read More »What is a limit order?

How do you set a stop-loss order?

To set a stop-loss order in crypto trading, follow these steps: Once the stop-loss order is set, the trading platform will monitor the market and automatically execute the order if the price of the cryptocurrency asset falls to the stop-loss level you specified. It’s important to note that stop-loss orders are not guaranteed to execute at the exact price level specified due to market volatility or slippage, but they can… Read More »How do you set a stop-loss order?

What is a stop-loss order?

A stop-loss order is an order placed by a trader to sell a cryptocurrency asset automatically when its price falls to a certain level. The purpose of a stop-loss order is to limit the trader’s potential loss on a trade in case the market moves against them. When a stop-loss order is triggered, the trader’s position is automatically closed, and the cryptocurrency asset is sold at the best available price.… Read More »What is a stop-loss order?