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Market sentiment

Market sentiment is a term used to describe the overall attitude or mood of investors towards a particular market or security. It refers to the emotional state of the market participants and is often used as an indicator of future price movements. Understanding market sentiment is crucial for day traders who seek to profit from short-term market movements. In this article, we will explore what market sentiment is, how it… Read More »Market sentiment


Volatile markets are favorite playgrounds of traders. Volatility is a crucial element in financial markets that is widely used by traders to make informed trading decisions. It refers to the degree of variation of a financial instrument’s price over time. High volatility indicates that an asset’s price can change rapidly over a short period, while low volatility means the price changes occur slowly. Volatility is essential for traders since it… Read More »Volatile!

Price discovery at market open

Market open and price discovery are two important concepts in the stock market. They are closely related, as the market open sets the stage for the process of price discovery to begin. The Importance of Market Open and Price Discovery in the Stock Market Market open refers to the start of the trading day when the stock market opens and trading begins. During the market open, buyers and sellers come… Read More »Price discovery at market open