If you’re a newcomer to the world of crypto or trading in general, you may not yet be familiar with a fantastic toolkit known as crypto signals for trading.

Understanding how crypto signals operate is straightforward. An analyst conducts technical analysis, employing their chosen technical indicators on an asset, determining the optimal entry point, profit target, and stop-loss, then distributes this information within their community through platforms like Telegram, Discord, or their own proprietary app channels.

Key Points to Remember

  • Signals can offer guidance on when to purchase a cryptocurrency asset or offer detailed trading advice, including entry points, exit strategies, and maximum market exposure.
  • Trading signals are widely utilized across various markets by both individual and professional traders. They essentially provide instructions on how to trade, which is particularly beneficial for novice traders or those who lack the time to conduct their own analysis.
  • Depending on the signal type, it may advise traders to buy, sell, or hold… or hodl, given our focus on Cryptos.
  • Furthermore, Crypto signal providers are valuable resources for traders who are new to the field or unable to dedicate time to perform technical or fundamental analysis, monitor the market consistently, and stay updated on crypto news.
  • The importance of having such information readily available cannot be overstated. Continue reading to discover where to access free Crypto signals and a compilation of the top 25 signal providers.

What Are Crypto Trading Signals?

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, the market’s frequent and rapid movements present countless opportunities for profitable trades during each trading session.

But how does one navigate this landscape?

A common approach is to conduct technical analysis, aiming to determine optimal entry and exit points to maximize profits. While this method is widely used in traditional markets, the cryptocurrency market operates differently.

Fortunately, unlike traditional market traders, cryptocurrency traders have access to a wealth of resources, including Discord groups, social media platforms, and, notably, crypto signals.

Crypto signals typically consist of recommendations from market experts or professional traders, advising others on when to buy, sell, or hold their cryptocurrency trades.

These signals are generated by crypto signal providers through various methods, such as conducting in-depth analysis or sharing their proven trading strategies.

For crypto signal providers, there are benefits to sharing these signals. They can attract followers who may eventually become paying customers for their premium signals. Alternatively, they may have affiliations with brokers to whom they can refer users of their free crypto signals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Crypto Signals Provider

In the vast and varied world of trading signals, there are reputable, seasoned traders who leverage their expertise for profit, as well as others who may offer less reliable crypto signals. While skepticism may arise when considering free crypto signals providers, many of them use this avenue to promote their premium signals or affiliated brokers.

So, what should you look for when selecting a crypto signals provider?

First and foremost, reliability is key. Effective crypto signals that consistently lead to profitable trades will be proudly showcased across all their social media platforms.

Take a tour of their Twitter, Facebook, TradingView, Reddit, Discord, YouTube, or other channels to see if they openly discuss their successful trades using their crypto signals.

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Cost is another critical factor. As mentioned earlier, don’t discount free crypto signals providers outright. Even though they don’t directly profit from these signals, they may earn through paid signal versions, subscriptions, or broker affiliations that compensate them for referrals.

Furthermore, assess the interface through which the crypto signals are shared. Does it exude professionalism? Does the provider offer various delivery methods for their signals, such as notifications on your phone, email, through their proprietary app, or on the trading platform you utilize?

Lastly, and universally applicable, consider the availability of customer support. Is their response time reasonable, typically within a working day or immediate? Do they genuinely assist you, or do they prioritize upselling other products?

These are some of the essential factors to weigh when choosing your crypto signals provider.

The Top 25 Crypto Signals – Trading Signal Providers of 2024

Among the plethora of crypto signal providers, only a select few (or five handfuls) stand out for their reliability and high-quality offerings of top-notch crypto signals.

Furthermore, there are various ways to receive your crypto signals. Some offer dedicated apps, while others utilize Telegram channels or Discord groups.

In this segment, we’ll delve into the finest free crypto signal providers, paid crypto signal providers, and AI-powered providers.

Let’s explore the top 25 crypto signal providers in 2024.

Premium Signal Providers

You might be curious why one would opt for paid crypto signals when there are free alternatives available on Telegram or from other providers.

First, let me clarify: paid crypto signals are not necessarily more reliable or of better quality than their free counterparts.

The main distinction lies in the frequency of signal delivery to community members or subscribers, offering more opportunities to align with your trading strategy, risk tolerance, or portfolio.

Additionally, many paid signal providers offer a crypto signals app for quicker and easier access to their analyses and recommendations.

Some premium signal providers also include extra features such as signals for other markets, technical analysis, market sentiment tracking, and monitoring of “whale” movements – not the marine mammals, but rather individuals with significant cryptocurrency holdings capable of influencing the market.


CoinCodeCap provides crypto signals featuring entry points, profit targets, and stop-loss levels. Their Telegram crypto signals are highly favored within the community.

While CoinCodeCap does offer some free crypto or Bitcoin signals on their channels, their subscription tiers provide more frequently updated crypto signals.

Additionally, they offer crypto futures signals to assist subscribers in extending their profit horizon.

The provider prioritizes quality over quantity, focusing on more reliable and repeatable signals per week, which may result in lower market exposure compared to other providers offering potentially higher profit but less reliable signals.

This approach can aid in risk management, particularly when utilizing leveraged products alongside the crypto trading signals.

Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets stands out in the realm of naming conventions, surpassing its competitors. According to numerous review sites, BB ranks among the premier paid Crypto trading signal providers on Telegram.

They deliver real-time Crypto signals with frequent updates, offering extensive and in-depth market analysis, and attract an active community of traders.

Their user-friendly interface facilitates easy navigation, while regularly updated technical and fundamental analyses enhance the trading experience. Moreover, their subscription plans are highly affordable for the majority of traders.

User testimonials predominantly praise their consistency and accuracy in providing Crypto signals, along with the impressive gains achieved through their utilization. Notably, their exceptional customer service receives commendation, a factor often overlooked in similar platforms.

Reviewers also highlight the active and supportive community fostered by Bitcoin Bullets, which proves invaluable for both novice and seasoned Crypto traders alike.

Crypto Inner Circle

For those seeking unparalleled accuracy in Crypto trading signals, Crypto Inner Circle emerges as an ideal choice.

With a remarkable signal performance rate of 92%, validated and verified, it stands as a testament to its reliability.

Moreover, Crypto Inner Circle offers signals covering a wide range of coins, catering to the needs of diversified portfolio Crypto traders. This includes the latest Alt-coins continually entering the Crypto markets.

The majority of signals provided by Crypto Elite Circle come with multiple price targets, empowering crypto traders with enhanced control over risk management and market exposure.

However, Crypto Inner Circle goes beyond a mere Crypto signals service, offering its members access to webinars, market updates, newsletters, and live events.

Furthermore, it provides valuable resources such as ebooks, video courses, and tutorials to its members, complementing its signals delivery through their Telegram channel.

Fat Pig Signals

Among the notable names in Crypto signals groups is Fat Pig Signals. They specialize in comprehensive technical analysis, encompassing short-term volume movements and book order analysis.

Fat Pig Signals emphasizes ease of use and time efficiency. As anyone involved in the Crypto market understands, analyzing and monitoring such a dynamic and fast-paced market can be time-intensive.

Fat Pig Signals aims to help users save time while still capitalizing on the myriad opportunities in the crypto market.

Their subscription prices for their exceptional crypto trading signal services are highly competitive. Three months cost 0.5 ETH, six months cost 0.75, and a full year is only 1.25.

With the Fat Pig Signals VIP subscription, users gain access to detailed trading signals compatible with most major exchanges, portfolio strategies, DeFi space opportunities, crypto market-specific news coverage, recommendations for new projects, and reviews of them.

Sublime Traders

Sublime Traders is widely regarded as a top-tier paid Crypto signals provider within the community. The primary reason for this reputation is their delivery of precise crypto signals to subscribers, coupled with access to two potent crypto trading tools – the Brutal Scalps Indicator and Lorentzian ML algorithm, along with a complimentary market scanner.

Another advantage is that the signals provided by Sublime Traders can be utilized for either manual crypto trades or automated trading.

This crypto signals provider operates both crypto signals Telegram channels and a Discord server. Additionally, Sublime Traders offers three tiers of engagement for individuals active in the crypto market, each providing crypto signals, scalping signals, and a multilingual VIP chat.

Unlike several other Crypto trading signals providers, Sublime Traders expands its coverage beyond the Crypto market, also providing Forex trading signals.

Signals Blue

Signals Blue, much like other providers, utilizes a Telegram channel to disseminate their signals and allows for integration with Cornix, a popular auto-trading solution.

Their team of analysts resides across Europe and North America, enabling them to cover the crypto market across multiple time zones.

According to the provider’s website, they leverage AI-based tools to monitor the cryptocurrency market, which, according to Signals Blue, enables them to produce and deliver signals faster than anyone else.

Continuing with their claims, Signals Blue asserts itself as one of the premier crypto signals providers, offering top-notch signals in the industry by avoiding “pump and dump” signals and only providing those with a high likelihood of success.

While many of their competitors make similar claims of being the best crypto signals providers, it’s essential to take such assertions with a grain of salt.

They indeed back up their claims with data, citing their July 2023 signals boasting a remarkable 90.48% accuracy.

Signals Blue has designed its product to cater to the entire trading journey of clients, from novice to advanced traders. They achieve this by offering multiple services that can be customized according to the clients’ requirements.

Crypto Signals Guru

Another notable provider worth considering is Crypto Signals Guru. Similar to its competitors, members can access crypto signals through their Telegram channel.

The provider boasts a 96% success rate but does not offer a free Telegram channel or free cryptocurrency trading signals.

The subscription fee is $200 for one month, just under $500 for three months, and $850 for six months.

However, the price includes more than just signals; subscribers also receive portfolio consulting, access to exclusive market-moving information, and priority support.


MyCryptoParadise is another provider that operates on a “freemium” model, offering both free signals and paid membership options. Most of their subscription plans are priced at $999, with the option for a lifetime account management at $25,000.

Their basic plans typically include crypto signals, crypto futures signals, portfolio services, and exclusive market insights.

One notable aspect of MyCryptoParadise is that it was founded and is managed by four full-time traders based in the Czech Republic. This background is significant in the trading world, as it requires extensive market knowledge and experience to trade full time.

Being a full-time trader not only allows for earning income from trading but also enables reinvestment of profits into one’s portfolio, a crucial aspect of trading success.

Reviews from MyCryptoParadise members are generally positive and realistic. While the signals are mostly accurate, some users note occasional discrepancies, which are typical in the market.

2moon Crypto Signals

Founded in 2017, 2moon Crypto Signals incorporates astronomical themes into its branding and website.

According to their website, the team consists of three analysts who are supported by experienced traders acting as “satellites” monitoring crypto markets for significant movements.

2moon focuses exclusively on alternative cryptocurrencies, believing it to be the most profitable approach in the shortest time frame.

They offer four subscription tiers: one month for $297, three months for $397, seven months for $597, and an unlimited subscription for $997.

All subscriptions include short-term, mid-term, and long-term signals, 24/7 support, and Binance signals. Premium subscriptions offer additional benefits such as trading strategy advice and portfolio analysis.

If the reported numbers on their website hold true, the service offers considerable value, with most months yielding over 250% returns.

A notable drawback of 2moon is its lack of mobile compatibility, as it is only accessible via web/SaaS platforms.

Best Crypto Signals

True to its name, Best Crypto Signals is highly regarded for the quality and accuracy of its signals.

Similar to other providers, Best Crypto Signals delivers signals via Telegram and also offers the option to receive them via email.

One downside of email delivery is the need for vigilant monitoring, while Telegram can automate signal actions, streamlining the process and reducing missed opportunities.

Best Crypto Signals provides entry, profit target, and stop-loss levels, allowing traders to capitalize on market conditions while managing risk effectively.

Accessible on multiple platforms, including SaaS, iOS, and Android through their dedicated app, Best Crypto Signals also offers online support and training resources such as articles and videos.

Crypto Rand

Originally a straightforward provider, Crypto Rand has evolved into a comprehensive service offering beyond signals.

Founded in 2018 by a former Google manager, Crypto Rand now comprises over five crypto and trading experts aiming to assist traders in navigating various markets, including STOs, seed rounds, and equities.

Their single subscription package, priced at $200 per month, includes signals, exclusive IDO spots, technical analysis, newsletters, coin calls, direct support, and discussion channels.

This demonstrates Crypto Rand’s commitment to providing tools for successful trading strategies and comprehensive education.

While they do not offer free signals like some competitors, their monthly subscription fee provides reasonable value compared to other services.


For traders seeking signals and a trading bot, 3Commas offers a comprehensive solution, including a convenient crypto signals app available on both Android and iOS.

Established in 2017, 3Commas aims to streamline trading activities by consolidating trading operations and reducing the need for constant monitoring.

Their platform allows for fully automated trading through proprietary trading bots, eliminating the need for continuous portfolio monitoring.

HIRN Signals

HIRN Signals offers crypto trading signals compatible with multiple crypto exchanges and provides an impressive range of services, including a free Telegram group for signal sharing

Utilizing AI technology and expertise from experienced crypto investors, HIRN Crypto Future v2.0 signals are designed to optimize trading results.

With a monthly subscription fee of $30 for basic Telegram access and $35 for enhanced Telegram and Cornix integration, HIRN Signals offers a cost-effective solution for traders looking to capitalize on consistent profits.

Their advanced algorithm performs technical analysis, identifies market trends, and adjusts signals in response to current market conditions, contributing to their claim of offering some of the best crypto signals online.

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Free Signal Providers

With some diligent searching, you can uncover numerous reputable free Crypto signal providers. While they may encourage you to subscribe or open an account with their affiliated broker, many of their Crypto signals are available at no cost.

As a trader or investor, you understand that nothing truly comes for free. So how do these providers offer their signals without charge? Rest assured, they are transparent about their methods.

Most providers offer both free and paid subscriptions. The quality of signals remains consistent across both tiers, but free members receive them less frequently.

Furthermore, paid subscribers may enjoy additional trading tools and perks, such as portfolio advice and signals for other markets like Forex or Commodities.

Read on to discover some of the top providers offering free Crypto signals online.

Binance Killer

As a well-established Crypto signal provider, Binance Killer primarily shares their signals through X (formerly Twitter) and their Telegram channel. The free Crypto signals BK offers provide two different entry points and both short-term and medium-term targets.

BK’s VIP tier also equips traders with stop loss levels and alerts for sudden market trend changes. BK shares their Crypto signals with a chart and text that notes all the signals’ points, entry, exit, targets, and stop loss (for Binance Buster VIP members).

BK boasts one hundred and sixty thousand VIP members.

Administered by three individuals, the channel conveniently covers three time zones – Miami, Moscow, and New Delhi, which is advantageous due to the round-the-clock trading in the Cryptocurrency market.

Wolf of Trade

Another extremely popular Crypto signal provider is Wolf of Trade. One primary drawback of Wolf of Trade is their less frequent sharing of Crypto trading signals compared to other providers, typically 2-3 signals per week.

However, they provide some of the best Crypto signals to their followers at no additional cost.

Their signals come with clearly marked market analysis charts, including multiple price targets.

The administrators and founders of Wolf of Trade are professional traders dedicated to their community.

This same community is a valuable resource for both new and experienced traders. The Crypto signals Telegram group is where people share market analysis, Crypto industry news, and risk management methods.

Rocket Wallet

Founded by an expert trader a few years ago, RWS offers six channels in total, including one offering free Crypto signals and the others being premium VIP channels.

What makes RWS unique is its open and transparent approach to the performance of their signals.

They openly acknowledge that even the most sophisticated trading signals aren’t 100% successful. This transparency reinforces the provider’s reliability by offering a clear track record.

Its free channel has almost forty thousand members at the time of writing.

Wallstreet Queen Official

Wallstreet Queen Official aims to empower women in Crypto trading. Founded and managed by a prominent Crypto persona, it offers both free Crypto signals Telegram groups and premium access.

The subscriptions are quite accessible, with a one-month subscription priced at only one hundred and fifty dollars and a three-month subscription at three hundred dollars.

Over its years of operation, it has established itself as a reliable provider of both Crypto signals and Crypto trading education.

Additionally, it is well-known for its supportive community, frequent updates, in-depth technical analysis, market news, and price movement predictions.

4C Trading Signals

4C Trading Signals offers 1 or 2 detailed free Crypto signals per week, providing entry points, take profit, and stop loss levels.

Their Crypto signals are calculated using sophisticated algorithms and cover both the Crypto market and Crypto futures.

Though they offer a generous free tier, their paid subscription is reasonably priced. Their monthly subscription costs fifty dollars, while a six-month subscription is only two hundred dollars, offering a hundred dollar discount.

In addition to the Crypto trading signals, 4C Trading Signals offers extensive free educational content.

Jacob Crypto Bury

Jacob Crypto Bury, technically a YouTuber, shares his market insights and Crypto market analyses.

His motto is “No hype. No clickbait. No nonsense”.

Jacob Crypto Bury also maintains a Discord group where traders can join, share ideas with the community, and receive frequently shared trading signals. He offers both free and paid tiers, with some analysis and signals shared on YouTube and others in his Discord group at no charge.


AltSignals is considered one of the best Crypto trading signals providers, boasting fifty thousand members on their free channel and over one thousand VIP members.

Founded around the time of the 2017-2018 Bitcoin bull run, it emerged as an alternative to less reliable signal providers.

They have an impressive track record with their universal Crypto signals, covering spot and futures.

Their paid subscriptions are slightly more expensive than competitors, with Forex signals and Binance Futures trading signals priced at one hundred twenty dollars a month. Their Altalgo Indicator scans the market in real-time, providing buy and sell price indications, making the process user-friendly.

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AI-Powered Signal Providers

The financial sector has long been at the forefront of adopting automated trading and AI-driven solutions for trading and investing.

For instance, EAs or “Expert Advisors,” which are software programs that monitor the market and execute trades based on specific conditions, have been utilized for decades by retail, professional, and institutional traders alike.

In addition to automating certain actions, AI-based trading solutions offer rapid reaction times impossible for human traders, while also eliminating the potential for emotional trading and human error.

Today, numerous AI-driven signal providers are offering diverse solutions to cater to all types of traders.

Here are some of the most popular AI-Powered Crypto signal communities today.


Tickeron stands out as an impressive AI-powered signals provider that extends beyond crypto signals, offering access to other markets such as Forex and Stocks.

Their array of features includes algorithmic trading, charting, back-testing, crypto portfolio management, screeners, crypto signals, and crypto trading bots.

Expanding on the power of AI, Tickeron also provides Trend Predictions, offering insights into trend continuation or reversal over medium to long timeframes.

This is just the beginning – Tickeron also presents a pattern search engine, trend prediction engine, and real-time pattern tools.

Each of these tools empowers members of the Tickeron community to automate their trading.

The major advantage of automated trading lies in its elimination of the human element, as many costly mistakes are often driven by human emotions and characteristics.

From misinterpreting market data to emotional trading or simple typos, automated trading minimizes these risks.


Coinscreener stands out for its robust AI-driven trading signals and its ability to track whale activity in the crypto market – individuals who hold significant amounts of cryptocurrencies and can influence asset prices.

Their basic service is free, with paid crypto signals available at an affordable rate of $8.25 per month.


ZIGDAO adopts an innovative approach to AI by hand-picking top traders and showcasing their performance metrics, including risk level, annualized returns, and asset growth.

With over 430,000 members, ZIGDAO’s model resembles copy trading, where traders’ profits are shared with those who provide the signals. However, unlike other providers, ZIGDAO doesn’t charge monthly fees.

Blockchain Sparrows

Blockchain Sparrows comprises a team of passionate traders leveraging bots and advanced algorithms to generate signals and offer clients the option to automate their trading with their own bots.

Their subscription is more affordable than competitors, starting at just $42 per month. Additionally, they provide live support during business hours and online support around the clock, offering clients flexibility and accessibility.

Available on SaaS, Mac, and Windows, Blockchain Sparrows offers clients a range of educational resources, including videos, live online lessons, articles, webinars, and face-to-face education sessions in select locations.

Risks and How to Reduce Them

When navigating the realm of cryptocurrency signal providers, it’s crucial to recognize potential risks. Market volatility, signal inaccuracy, and the threat of scams require traders to prioritize risk management.

Despite the accuracy of signals, market volatility can introduce unpredictability. Rapid price fluctuations can undermine even the most reliable signals. To address this, traders should diversify their portfolios to minimize exposure to a single market’s fluctuations.

In the quest for the best crypto signals providers, it’s important to acknowledge the possibility of inaccurate signals. Cryptocurrency markets, known for their frequent and significant movements, can invalidate even the most precise strategies. It’s advisable to complement signal-driven decisions with personal research for a more comprehensive financial approach.

Telegram channels, commonly used for signal dissemination, can harbor scams and fraudulent activities. Users relying on “free telegram” channels may unknowingly expose themselves to dishonest actors. Verifying the channel’s legitimacy, cross-checking signals, and staying informed through community feedback can serve as effective safeguards.

While many providers claim to offer the best crypto signals app or the most accurate signals, caution is necessary to avoid scams. Fake apps, often posing as legitimate providers, may compromise data or deliver false signals. It’s essential to stick to reputable apps from official stores and verify their legitimacy through reviews and community discussions.

To enhance protection against market volatility, signal inaccuracies, and potential scams:

  • Implement Strong Risk Management: Establish clear stop-loss orders to mitigate potential losses during volatile market conditions.
  • Verify Independently: Validate signals by cross-referencing them with independent market analysis.
  • Stay Vigilant in the Community: Engage with the trading community to stay updated on potential scams and unreliable signals.
  • Conduct Due Diligence: Research and verify the credentials of signal providers, apps, and platforms before engaging with them.

Approaching cryptocurrency signals with a blend of skepticism and proactive risk management ensures the ability to capitalize on opportunities while safeguarding against potential threats.


Crypto signals serve as valuable tools for both novice and experienced traders. Our article demonstrates that a diverse array of providers caters to various budgets, strategies, and portfolio preferences.

It’s important to recognize that there’s no universal solution or strategy that guarantees 100% accuracy at all times. Markets are driven by human behavior, which can be unpredictable and emotional, leading to unexpected price fluctuations. Consequently, a promising signal may result in losses due to market volatility.

To navigate effectively, conduct your own research and analysis, tapping into the collective wisdom available within the same groups where you receive signals. By exercising diligence and leveraging available knowledge, traders can make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with crypto trading.

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What is the difference between crypto signals and alerts?

Crypto signals typically refer to specific trading recommendations or predictions provided by experts or automated systems, while alerts are real-time notifications about significant price movements or trend breaks in the cryptocurrency market.

Are Coin Push Crypto Alerts the same as crypto signals?

Coin Push provides real-time notifications about market movements and trend breaks, making them similar to crypto signals. However, Coin Push Crypto Alerts focus on timely alerts rather than specific trading recommendations.

How can I assess the success and reliability of a crypto signal provider?

You can evaluate their past performance, review testimonials on unbiased platforms, and consider community feedback on forums like Reddit, Discord, or Telegram. Providers who transparently share both their successes and failures are generally more trustworthy.

What methods do leading crypto signal providers employ?

Typically, they utilize a blend of technical analysis tools such as moving averages, RSI, and Fibonacci retracements, alongside market sentiment analysis, algorithms, and examination of news and global market indicators. Some providers even incorporate AI and machine learning for predictive analysis.

As a novice trader, can I utilize signals to execute profitable trades?

For beginners, it’s crucial to grasp fundamental market principles and familiarize oneself with common signal terminology. Additionally, practicing in a demo account can help gain experience in applying guidance from various signal services effectively.