Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has seen significant advancements, catching the attention of traders. AI trading bots have emerged as valuable tools, aiding traders in identifying and analyzing opportunities for increased profitability. Moreover, these bots can autonomously execute trades on behalf of users, streamlining the trading process and potentially enhancing trade outcomes.

The landscape of trading bots encompasses a wide range of options, each varying in risk tolerance, success rates, and adaptability to market conditions. Therefore, selecting the appropriate bot that aligns with one’s trading style and strategy is paramount.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top 8 AI trading bots for 2024, offering insights to assist traders in making informed decisions about which bot best suits their needs.

Here’s our rundown of the top 8 AI trading bots for May 2024:

  1. Dash2Trade – Recognized as the overall best AI trading bot for 2024.
  2. Learn2Trade – Leading crypto trading bot boasting a 79% win rate.
  3. Cryptohopper – Custom-built AI bots that select strategies based on prevailing conditions.
  4. Kryll – A marketplace for crypto trading bots featuring hundreds of automated strategies.
  5. Pionex – Empowers users to craft custom trading strategies with the assistance of an AI chatbot.
  6. Bitsgap – An AI-driven crypto platform with over 3.7 million bots in operation.
  7. Bybit – Utilize an advanced AI-powered platform to trade cryptocurrencies.
  8. Coinrule – A beginner-friendly AI crypto trading platform renowned for its user-friendliness.

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Dash2Trade – Leading AI Trading Bot Platform for 2024

Dash2Trade takes the top spot as the premier choice for utilizing AI bots in trading. Offering two AI-driven bots for cryptocurrency trading – one utilizing a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) strategy and another employing a grid trading approach – Dash2Trade supports trading across six major centralized crypto exchanges and covers over 400 cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, Dash2Trade is rolling out a groundbreaking tool that empowers traders to create bots based on their unique strategies. This feature allows users to backtest and optimize their bots and exert control over their trading activities. This advancement signifies an exciting opportunity for users to automate their trading with AI.

One standout feature of Dash2Trade is its utilization of AI to provide users with comprehensive insights into the crypto market. By analyzing social media engagement, including sentiment and volume, the platform identifies emerging cryptocurrencies and trending tokens. Additionally, AI is leveraged to monitor technical indicators such as moving averages and RSI, issuing bullish/bearish signals across varying timeframes, including 1-hour, 4-hour, and 1-day intervals.

Dash2Trade offers a free version for traders to test the platform’s capabilities, with a paid subscription priced at $102 per year, granting access to all available bots. Unlike other platforms, Dash2Trade’s bots do not incur additional trading fees.

Crypto $102 per year


  • Features DCA and grid trading bots
  • Supports trading for 400+ cryptos across 6 major exchanges
  • Integrates technical and social analysis for enhanced insights
  • Upcoming feature allowing traders to create custom bots
  • Provides advanced strategy backtesting tools
  • Offers discounted pricing with $D2T token payments

Learn2Trade – Leading Crypto Trading Bot with 79% Win Rate

Learn2Trade is a widely recognized service renowned for offering both forex and crypto trading signals, alongside a highly effective crypto trading bot. The Learn2Trade crypto bot boasts an impressive 79% success rate in trading various tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, Chainlink, and more.

Operating via Cornix, the bot translates signals from Learn2Trade’s Telegram group into actionable orders, seamlessly executing trades on a trader’s chosen crypto exchange or broker. Setting up the bot is remarkably straightforward, taking less than 10 minutes to configure. Once activated, traders can rely on the bot to autonomously execute crypto trades without the need for manual intervention.

Learn2Trade’s AI-driven bot is constructed using over 100 technical indicators and conducts scans across numerous crypto pairs, enabling it to identify profitable opportunities across diverse market conditions. Operating 24/7, the bot remains active throughout, catering to the continuous nature of the crypto market.

With a target reward-risk ratio of 3:1 – aligning with professional trading standards – the bot employs robust risk management measures, incorporating take-profit and stop-loss levels with every trade to mitigate potential losses.

Pricing for Learn2Trade’s bot stands at £99 per month, £349 per year, or £1,499 for a lifetime subscription.

Crypto £99 per month


  • High-performing crypto trading bot with a 79% success rate
  • Seamless integration with most crypto exchanges
  • Operates 24/7, suited for the continuous crypto market
  • Built-in risk management enhances trading strategy
  • Trades across a wide range of crypto pairs
  • Offers a lifetime subscription option
  • Recognized as one of the top Binance trading bots in 2024

Cryptohopper – Develop Custom AI Bots That Adapt to Market Conditions

Cryptohopper stands out as a robust platform catering to the needs of crypto traders. It provides a strategy marketplace where traders can access a plethora of pre-built and user-generated trading strategies for replication. Traders also have the flexibility to personalize strategies with features like trailing stops and price targets to effectively manage risk.

For traders seeking greater customization, Cryptohopper offers the option to build and backtest their own strategies, leveraging a vast array of over 130 indicators without the need for coding expertise.

One of Cryptohopper’s standout features is its advanced AI functionality, allowing users to create AI bots that dynamically adapt to market conditions by learning from the success of each strategy—both self-created and copied. This unique capability enables the AI to automatically switch between strategies, optimizing profitability for traders.

While Cryptohopper’s offerings are impressive, it comes at a price—the top-tier plan, inclusive of AI trading functionality, is priced at $129 per month.

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Crypto $129 per month


  • Access to a diverse marketplace of bots for copy trading
  • Capability to build and backtest custom trading strategies
  • AI bots seamlessly switch between strategies based on market conditions
  • Supports over 130 built-in technical indicators
  • Integrates with 17 major crypto exchanges


  • Limited to crypto trading
  • Some bots may require additional subscription fees

Kryll – Extensive Marketplace for Crypto Trading Bots Featuring Numerous Automated Strategies

Kryll stands out as one of the largest hubs for AI trading bots, offering a plethora of user-generated bots encompassing a diverse array of crypto day trading strategies. According to Kryll’s data, a significant 75% of trading bots available on the platform outperform the market, with top-performing strategies boasting returns exceeding 100% annually.

Traders utilizing Kryll have the flexibility to either replicate or modify existing strategies within the platform or craft their own using the intuitive no-code strategy editor. The platform supports a wide range of popular technical indicators and proprietary metrics, along with comprehensive rules and triggers designed to facilitate effective risk management.

Kryll’s automated strategies seamlessly execute trades on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Crypto.com, Gate.io, and ByBit.

Users can access Kryll’s marketplace and purchase subscriptions to individual bots, with the platform charging a nominal trading fee for each execution. Additionally, holders of Kryll’s native $KRL token enjoy discounted fees on transactions.


  • Extensive marketplace offering a wide selection of pre-configured bots
  • Creation of custom trading strategies featuring proprietary indicators
  • Integration with 9 major crypto exchanges
  • Impressive track record, with 75% of strategies surpassing market performance
  • Fee discounts available for $KRL token holders


  • Costs associated with multiple strategies may accumulate rapidly
  • Lack of backtesting tools for custom strategies

Pionex – Cutting-edge Automated Trading Platform with AI Chatbot Integration

Pionex, utilized by over 100,000 traders spanning 100 countries, represents an innovative crypto platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Offering access to more than 16 crypto trading bots, Pionex empowers investors to initiate their investment journey seamlessly.

Among its array of trading bots, Pionex features the ‘Grid trading bot,’ renowned for its buy low sell high strategy, meticulously scanning markets 24/7 to pinpoint optimal entry points across various assets. For long-term investors, the ‘Rebalancing Bot’ presents an enticing option, enabling the creation of diversified token indices.

However, what truly distinguishes Pionex is its ‘PionexGPT’ AI trading functionality. Introducing its AI chatbot, Pionex provides investors with the capability to devise custom trading strategies effortlessly. By inputting preferred trading parameters through text-based prompts, users can explore new trading avenues seamlessly.

These parameters and strategies can undergo rigorous backtesting on TradingView. Subsequently, investors can leverage Pionex’s trading signals to execute these tailored strategies directly on the platform. Notably, investors incur a fee starting from a mere 0.05% per transaction when engaging in crypto trading via Pionex.

Crypto 0.05% per transaction


  • Minimal trading fees
  • AI-driven creation of custom strategies
  • Access to 16 pre-built trading bots
  • Comprehensive backtesting capabilities

Bitsgap — AI Crypto Trading Bot Utilizing Smart Orders

Bitsgap emerges as the next AI trading bot on our radar, specializing in crypto-centric trades. Boasting an impressive activation of over 3.7 million bots on its cryptocurrency platform, Bitsgap has garnered significant traction among traders.

This AI-powered platform facilitates seamless connectivity to the trading terminals of various crypto exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase, catering to the needs of over 500,000 customers.

Bitsgap distinguishes itself with its innovative ‘Smart Orders,’ a trading strategy leveraging algorithmic orders to optimize the Risk/Reward ratio. Moreover, the platform’s servers strategically positioned near those of leading cryptocurrency exchanges ensure swift order execution times.

Offering a diverse array of AI trading algorithms, Bitsgap caters to various trading preferences with options like the GRID and DCA (Dollar Cost Average) bot. The GRID bot autonomously scours the markets to identify optimal entry and exit positions for investors, while the DCA bot presents a low-risk opportunity for earnings in volatile market conditions.

Bitsgap also facilitates crypto futures trading enhanced by artificial intelligence, exemplified by the DCA Futures trading bot. Noteworthy is the ‘Combo Bot,’ a novel AI-driven strategy merging the GRID and DCA tactics to deliver robust yields in crypto futures trading, with up to 10x leverage available on this strategy.

For access to these features, investors can opt for the basic trading plan priced at $23 per month.

Crypto Starting from $23 a month


  • Offers a diverse range of crypto trading strategies
  • Access to leverage and crypto futures trading
  • Boasts an average daily profit of 1.23%
  • Provides innovative Smart Orders functionality

Bybit – Harness AI-Powered Strategies for Cryptocurrency Trading

Bybit stands out as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally, offering users access to an AI-powered cryptocurrency trading bot designed to facilitate the creation of innovative trading strategies. Through Bybit’s AI-driven crypto trading platform, traders can tap into intelligent strategies and valuable insights.

A standout feature on Bybit is ‘TradeGPT,’ an AI language model and chat platform that functions as a personalized trading assistant. Utilizing historical data analysis, TradeGPT provides real-time insights and recommendations tailored to individual trading preferences.

By integrating machine learning capabilities, Bybit enables users to forecast potential crypto trends and capitalize on trading opportunities. TradeGPT continually updates itself by analyzing market movements and emerging trends, ensuring users stay ahead of the curve.

With Bybit, traders gain access to top-tier automated trading tools such as GRID and DCAs, alongside the innovative ‘Futures GRID’ feature requiring a minimum investment of just $1. Moreover, Bybit leverages multiple technical indicators including MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands to provide comprehensive market analysis.

Trading fees on Bybit start from as low as 0.1%, offering users cost-effective access to advanced trading functionalities without the need for subscriptions.


  • Access to trading strategies leveraging AI technology
  • Low minimum investment requirements
  • Utilizes multiple technical indicators for market analysis
  • No subscription fees

Coinrule – Leading AI Trading Platform Tailored for Novice Traders

Coinrule emerges as a premier AI-powered cryptocurrency trading platform designed specifically for novice traders. With seamless integration with over 10 of the world’s top crypto exchanges, the Coinrule trading terminal offers a user-friendly interface for effortless trading.

Employing military-grade security measures and encryption protocols, Coinrule ensures the safety and protection of user funds at all times. Novice traders can leverage simple yet effective AI-based trading strategies such as ‘Catch the Swing,’ which utilizes RSI technical indicators to identify optimal entry and exit points during sideways market conditions.

Coinrule also offers the ‘Uptrend Flash Crash’ strategy, ideal for beginners aiming to capitalize on market dips. Utilizing AI technology, Coinrule implements the IFTTT (If This Then That) model, allowing traders to define pre-set conditions that trigger specific actions within their trading accounts.

Traders can kickstart their trading journey with Coinrule’s ‘Starter’ pack, which offers free access to basic features. However, the Starter plan limits users to connect with only one cryptocurrency exchange and imposes a monthly trading volume cap of $3K.

For enhanced features and unlimited trading capabilities, traders can upgrade to the ‘Coinrule Pro’ package. This premium plan grants access to unlimited exchange connections, unrestricted trading volumes, lightning-fast execution times, and personalized one-to-one training sessions. The Pro package is priced at $449.99 per month.

Crypto $449.99 per month (Most premium plan)


  • Beginner-friendly trading platform
  • Customizable trading bots
  • Free subscription plan available
  • Access to personalized one-to-one training sessions


Premium Pro plan incurs a monthly cost of $449.99

What is a Trading Bot?

A trading bot is an automated algorithm designed to execute trades within a user’s brokerage or exchange account. These bots can initiate and close trades based on predefined rules and triggers, eliminating the need for manual intervention by the trader.

Trading bots are versatile and can be utilized across various asset classes, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and more. Many leading brokers and crypto exchanges now offer support for trading bots, typically through webhooks or APIs.

How Do AI Trading Bots Work?

AI trading bots function by interpreting rules, known as triggers, that specify entry and exit conditions for trades.

For instance, a trader might configure a bot to initiate a trade when a stock reaches a new 30-day high and close it when the price either rises by 5% or drops by 2%.

While this example doesn’t necessarily require AI, more complex and potentially lucrative strategies can benefit from AI capabilities. For example, a trader may want to enter a trade when a stock exhibits a morning star candlestick pattern. In such cases, AI

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