An unnamed trader fell victim to an address-poisoning scam on May 3, losing a staggering $68 million worth of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) in a single transaction, as per a report by security firm Cyvers.

The victim’s wallet was stripped of more than 97% of its total assets, with the remaining balance of just $13.56 worth of ETH, as reported by CoinStats.

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Address poisoning scam

Address poisoning, also referred to as address spoofing, capitalizes on a trader’s haste and inattentiveness during transactions, leading them to inadvertently transfer their digital assets to fraudulent addresses owned by scammers.

This incident is just one of many in a series of address-poisoning scams.

In October 2023, a hacker absconded with $1.2 million worth of ARB tokens using the same deceitful method.

Address Poisoning Scams on the Decline

Scams continue to erode mainstream confidence in the crypto industry. In April, investors suffered losses totaling at least $33 million in a fraud case linked to the ZKasino gambling platform. Dutch authorities apprehended a suspect associated with the ZKasino scam on April 29.

Despite the ZKasino incident, April witnessed a decrease in cryptocurrency losses due to scams and hacks, totaling only $25.7 million. According to on-chain intelligence firm CertiK, this represents the lowest monthly figure since 2021.

Total losses from exploits and scams plunged 141% from the previous month, primarily attributed to a reduction in private key compromises. In March, there were 11 attacks against protocols through private key compromises, whereas in April, there were only three.

Crypto is Evolving into a Safer Environment

The ongoing trend unmistakably shows advancements within the field, not just in terms of security enhancements but also in education. Individuals are increasingly knowledgeable about safeguarding themselves against hacks and scams.

Despite the unprecedented low in recent months, crypto attacks remain a significant concern for the industry. CertiK reports that over $502 million worth of digital assets were stolen in 223 hacks and exploits during the first quarter of 2024.

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