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Difference between spot & futures crypto trading

Cryptocurrency trading can take many different forms, but two of the most common types of trades are spot trades and futures trades. While these two types of trades may seem similar, they have some important differences that can impact the way traders approach the market and the risks and rewards involved. Leverage: How spot and futures trading differ in their use of borrowed funds One of the main differences between… Read More »Difference between spot & futures crypto trading

Crypto day trading psychology

Crypto day trading is a popular activity among investors and traders who are looking to make quick profits from the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. However, just like with any other form of trading, success in crypto day trading requires not only knowledge of the market and technical skills, but also a strong psychological mindset. One of the biggest challenges of crypto day trading is managing emotions. Since the market is… Read More »Crypto day trading psychology

Free Crypto Signals

Get profitable free crypto signals from the Coin Push app. Install the app and receive instant notifications. Trends and trend breaks in Crypto charts are on the mobile phone at the speed of light. You are looking for opportunities for day trading by following crypto charts all day long. Coin Push does this automatically and sends notifications for dozens of different coins. Do not miss the trading opportunities with the… Read More »Free Crypto Signals