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CHoCH pattern trading

Both entrance and exit into and out of the trading range are confirmed by a change of character. Within the trading range, a change in conduct is one of the indicators that help us predict a change in character. Let’s see the keys of CHoCH pattern trading. The term “CHoCH” alludes to a shift in the market’s nature. This suggests that the general trend is still positive if we witness… Read More »CHoCH pattern trading

Crypto trading charts

Crypto trading charts are visual representations of an asset’s price data while charting software is the graphical interface through which traders analyze that data and paint over charts. These platforms display the price movement of an asset over the course of its history. They display prices as candlesticks, lines, or bars. Charting platforms have tools which the trader uses to paint over the chart and identify meaningful patterns that impact… Read More »Crypto trading charts

Must know crypto trading tips

Traditional investing assets including equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies have had investors hooked for many years. Day traders, in particular, have embraced bitcoin trading as a new area of competition. Short-term traders are drawn to the bitcoin market’s dynamism and volatility. Over the near term, this volatility has the potential to yield enormous returns. Astonishing returns have been created by the much-loved digital currency Bitcoin so far, leaving investors speechless.… Read More »Must know crypto trading tips