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Trading Basics

Fundamental concepts in trading.

Avoid SLIPPAGE in crypto trading

Slippage in trading refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is actually executed. Slippage can occur when a market is highly volatile and prices are changing rapidly, or when a large order is placed and the market cannot immediately absorb the trade. In crypto trading, slippage can have a significant impact on a trader’s bottom line. When prices are… Read More »Avoid SLIPPAGE in crypto trading

Differences between day trading and swing trading

Day trading and swing trading are two popular approaches to trading financial markets, including the stock market, forex market, and cryptocurrency market. While both strategies involve buying and selling securities over relatively short time horizons, they have some important differences that can influence a trader’s decision about which approach to use. Holding Period: The Key Difference Between Day Trading and Swing Trading One of the main differences between day trading… Read More »Differences between day trading and swing trading

Higher highs and higher lows

Higher highs and higher lows is a technical analysis pattern that can be used to identify uptrends in a financial market. It occurs when the price of a security or index makes a new high, followed by a pullback or correction, and then makes another high that is higher than the previous high. This pattern is typically seen as a bullish indicator, as it suggests that the market is trending… Read More »Higher highs and higher lows