Try our Forex app

Dear users,
We received a lot of requests from you to build a version of Coin Push that works for the forex markets. After that, we started working on this new application. Very soon, we will publish our application called FX Rates Forex Signals, which will monitor the forex (FX) markets and generate signals similar to Coin Push Crypto Signals.

Beta testers needed

We would like to test our FX Rates Forex Signals application with you. We would be glad if you could help us with this. We will define a long free premium period to our beta users who will test the application.

Please send us your email address to participate in beta testing. Thank you for being with us. We’re just getting started!

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Dean J. Driessen
Coin Push Crypto Signals is a useful mobile app for crypto traders, can be installed from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.