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What is a block explorer?

A block explorer is a web-based tool that allows users to view and navigate through the blockchain of a cryptocurrency. It provides a way to browse the history of transactions and blocks, as well as view details of individual transactions and addresses.

Block explorers are typically used to track the status of transactions and to view the contents of individual blocks in the blockchain. They can also be used to view the current state of the network, including the number of nodes, the hash rate, and the difficulty level of mining.

Some of the information that can be obtained from a block explorer includes:

  • Transaction information: Block explorers allow users to view details of a particular transaction, such as the sender, recipient, amount, fees, and the time at which the transaction was made.
  • Block information: Users can view details of individual blocks, including the hash, timestamp, size, and the transactions included in the block.
  • Address information: Block explorers allow users to view the transaction history of a particular address, as well as the current balance of the address.
  • Network information: Users can view information about the network, such as the current number of nodes, the difficulty level of mining, and the current block height.

Block explorers are often provided by cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain startups, or other third-party developers, and they are an important tool for users to monitor and analyze the blockchain of a cryptocurrency.

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