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What is a flag pattern?

In crypto trading, a flag pattern is a short-term continuation pattern that can indicate a potential continuation of an asset’s current price trend.

The flag pattern is formed when an asset’s price experiences a sharp move up or down, followed by a period of consolidation, creating a rectangular-shaped pattern on the chart. Traders draw a line connecting the highs and lows during the consolidation period, creating the two parallel trendlines of the flag. The resulting chart pattern resembles a flag on a flagpole.

Traders use the flag pattern as an indicator of potential trend continuation and may use it to inform their trading decisions, such as entering a long or short position depending on the direction of the current trend.

It’s important to note that the flag pattern is a short-term pattern and may not provide reliable signals for longer-term trends. Additionally, false breakouts and other market factors can sometimes lead to false signals, so traders should exercise caution and use appropriate risk management strategies.