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What is a seed phrase?

In the context of cryptocurrencies, a seed phrase, also known as a mnemonic phrase or recovery phrase, is a sequence of words that is used to recover or restore access to a cryptocurrency wallet. A seed phrase typically consists of 12-24 random words, and is generated by the wallet software when a new wallet is created.

The seed phrase serves as a backup for the private keys that control a user’s cryptocurrency funds. If a user loses access to their wallet, they can enter the seed phrase into a new wallet software to regain access to their funds. This makes seed phrases a critical component of cryptocurrency security, as they allow users to recover their funds in the event of a lost or stolen device, or other types of data loss.

It is important for users to keep their seed phrase secure and never share it with anyone, as anyone with access to the seed phrase can gain full control over the associated cryptocurrency funds. Seed phrases are usually recommended to be written down on paper and stored in a safe and secure location, or stored using a hardware wallet that has backup and recovery functionality.