Questions ยป What is a smart contract?

What is a smart contract?

In cryptocurrencies, a smart contract is a self-executing program that is stored on a blockchain and can automatically enforce the terms of an agreement between two parties. Smart contracts were first introduced on the Ethereum blockchain, but are now supported by other blockchain platforms as well.

A smart contract contains the rules and conditions of a particular agreement, such as the terms of a financial transaction, and is executed automatically when certain conditions are met. For example, if two parties agree to a contract that stipulates that one party will pay the other a certain amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for the delivery of a product, the smart contract will automatically execute the transaction and transfer the cryptocurrency once the product has been delivered.

Smart contracts operate on a “if-then” basis, where a certain action is triggered when a specific condition is met. They are designed to be tamper-proof, transparent, and secure, as they are executed on a blockchain, which is a decentralized and distributed ledger that is resistant to tampering and hacking.

Overall, smart contracts help to automate and streamline complex transactions, reducing the need for intermediaries and improving the speed and efficiency of the transaction process.