What is a stop-loss hunting?

Stop-loss hunting in crypto trading refers to a strategy used by some traders or market participants to intentionally trigger stop-loss orders to create buying or selling opportunities for themselves. This strategy involves pushing the price of an asset in a particular direction in order to trigger stop-loss orders set by other traders, causing them to sell their positions and potentially driving down the price of the asset even further.

For example, let’s say that the price of Bitcoin is currently at $60,000 and many traders have set stop-loss orders at $55,000. If a group of market participants decides to push the price of Bitcoin down to $55,000, they could trigger the stop-loss orders of other traders, causing them to sell their positions and driving down the price of Bitcoin even further. The market participants who triggered the stop-loss orders can then buy Bitcoin at a lower price, potentially making a profit when the price of Bitcoin rebounds.

Stop-loss hunting is considered by many traders to be an unethical practice, as it manipulates the market and takes advantage of other traders. However, it is difficult to prove that stop-loss hunting is taking place, as it can be disguised as normal market activity.

To protect against stop-loss hunting, some traders set their stop-loss orders slightly below or above the most common levels, or use other risk management strategies such as trailing stop-loss orders. It’s important for traders to be aware of the risks of stop-loss hunting and to use multiple strategies to protect their capital.

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Dean J. Driessen
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