The Polymath network is a decentralized blockchain platform and cryptocurrency that was launched in 2018. Polymath is designed to facilitate the creation and issuance of security tokens, which are digital tokens that represent ownership in a real-world asset, such as equity in a company or real estate.

The Polymath network uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake (PoS), where users can participate in block production and validation based on their stake in the network. This helps to promote decentralization and community participation in the network. The platform also includes a governance system that allows stakeholders to propose and vote on changes to the protocol, such as new features or upgrades.

Polymath offers several unique features, including the ability to create security tokens that comply with securities regulations, such as KYC and AML requirements. The platform also includes a suite of tools and services that can help issuers create, manage, and distribute their security tokens.

Polymath’s native cryptocurrency is called POLY, and it is used to pay transaction fees and participate in the network’s governance system. The supply of POLY is fixed at 1 billion, and the cryptocurrency can be bought and sold on several major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Overall, the Polymath network offers a highly innovative and specialized blockchain platform that is focused on the creation and issuance of security tokens. It has the potential to revolutionize the way that traditional assets are represented and traded on the blockchain, and it can help to democratize access to investment opportunities.

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